You've built a successful Amazon business. It's time to cash out.

We help FBA third-party sellers on Amazon exit with more security, profitability, and happiness.


The Acquco Promise

Our expert team will guide you through the acquisition process
in as little as 30 days, with as great as 4x returns.

How We Work


Exponential Returns

Our clients pocket around 4 years of net profits in as little as 30 days from evaluation to close.


Flexible Terms

Expect flexible terms with your sale, so you can use the financial freedom and your entrepreneurial spirit to build the next big thing.


Industry Veterans

We have the experience to
grow and scale your business,
and to keep earning you returns
on your hard work.

“Even before the deal was closed, Acquco gave me great advice on different ideas to help grow my business. Acquco has the expertise and experience to really help take my business to the next level.”

Read about one of our recent acquisitions, and how we helped expand a thriving business into a market force on Amazon.

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The take-home profit of your business

Increase YoY
revenue growth

The number of days
to close deal

Read about some of our stories here.

An Easy 4-Step Process


Pitch Your Business

We love to hear about your business journey, all of the ups, downs, and awesome time along the way.


Get a Valuation

We provide your business a valuation, a P&L, and letter of intent custom-made for your business model.


Accept your Offer

Once we agree on an offer, our legal and support teams are on-hand as we complete all the required due diligence.

Successfully Exit

Together we finish the closing process, and you get paid in cash for all your hard work. Go you!

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